Le vin s'illustre ŕ travers une śuvre d’art et ses fragrances deviennent couleurs ; Porté par l’image, laissons le vin s’exprimer...

In creating these labels I brought one of my DREAMS to fruition: To transform the wine into an image and thereby illustrate to the consumer the style and character of what he would find in the BOTTLE. I often compare the work of the WINE MAKER to that of an ARTIST. The former works with a living and changing medium, then imprisoned in a bottle you have to open and taste to fully appreciate.

The latter commits to canvas LIFE, his impressions, his FEELINGS and his character which challenges and involves us. So it seems to me that there is a kind of OSMOSIS between a wine and a work of art. This work then becomes a visual expression of the character of the wine and the intimate THOUGHTS of the wine-maker who made it and “brought it up”. In creating these labels I have tried to put IMAGINATION at the service of wine.

The chosen works are all made by Alsatian artists or those that live handwork in ALSACE. Whilst respecting their personal choice of subject, they nonetheless evoke for me the PERSONALITY and character of the GRAPE VARIETY they illustrate. It is for you to decide how well they capture this.