I have been thinking about the words “The Great Travellers” for a while to replace our classic range. The Great Travellers … What a symbol! It’s the dream to leave everything for the Unknown, the exaltation to get over our limits, the ecstasy to surpass ourselves. This simple phrase, which carries out our history, pays homage to adventurers of all periods, past or future.

I met Daniel VIENE some months ago, and it’s when I looked at his book that I discovered his planes. They reminded me of Blériot, Lindbergh, Mermoz, Saint-Exupéry, all these aviators, a little bit crazy, who soared in the air wholeheartedly to tame the sky aboard planes, which seem today so small and fragile. I had finally found my « Great Travellers ».

However, human beings are not the only ones to travel. Our bottles like seeking adventures too and they take many routes to reach and conquer you. Some are on the roads while others are braving seas and oceans. Few of them are flying in the sky but all of them wish they could. Like Icarus, they dream of touching the sun. Or the moon! Our bottles have wings. The wings of desire, the wings of pleasure, the wings of freedom.