Splendour of forms, of colours,
Which bang into each other to generate harmony.
Splendour of the earth,
Precious stone, which became mould.
Splendour of the vine,
Vegetal variety ennobled by traditions.
Splendour of the wine,
Reflecting the sensitivity of the wine grower.

Source of light, it lights up my soul.
Thanks to my wine, I give out joy, beauty and happiness.
Your eyes, which discover it beyond the label, make it come alive.

The splendour of my wine is the splendour of my life.

Maurice JULLY painted Splendour in 1975 inspired by the reflection of the sun on a gutter. Since 1989, this painting decorates our Fine Wines and our Wines of Exception. It is modern and timeless; it provokes a feeling of liberty, which exclusively matches its purity. It is so luminous and slender that it seems to be floating in the air forever!