Il en est de certaines caves comme des musées. On souhaiterait de s’y laisser enfermer après l’heure ; D’entendre claquer la serrure et s’éloigner les pas du gardien pour surprendre les conciliabules de la nuit.

P. Veilletet

L'œnothèque vu par Isabelle Meyer

Complete mastery of yields associated to a willingness to respect nature and the environment give one of the keys to the finesse and unique character of the JOSMEYER wines.

Selected, picked and sorted by hand, the grapes are then crushed in pneumatic presses. This slow pressing, under low pressure, ranges from 3 to 8 hours and ensures extraction, albeit gently, of all the aromatic subtleties of the grapes.

After a rapid « débourbage », the must is transferred to thermo regulated tanks where they start their fermentation naturally without chaptilization or the addition of yeast. Thereafter this fermentation continues, for the most part, in our 100 year old wooden casks (which contain anywhere from 1000 to 6000 litres)

Once fermentation is complete the first racking takes place.

Our wines are kept on their lees in oak casks. Stabilisation takes place naturally during the winter.

Depending on their individual structure and character our wines are stocked for a period ranging from a matter of weeks to several years.