Family portaits

In 1854 Aloyse MEYER, restaurant owner, gourmet and « courtier en vins » decided to extend his father’s activities in the wine trade by becoming a negociant and set about extending the reputation of the best local terroirs, particularly those of Brand and Hengst, now recognized as Grand Crus.

It was in 1933 that his son, Joseph Meyer succeeded him. A fervent patriot and ardent promoter of quality wines, he was one of the elite of the wine world. The Second World War and the Occupation forced him to hand over the reins prematurely to his eldest son, Hubert in 1941.

Holder of a diploma in œnologie, Hubert was a disciplined man and a perfectionist.

An excellent wine-maker, he decided to diversify and launched into the export market. As supplier to the Navy, his wines travelled far and wide to Mers-el-Kebir, Hai Phong, Dakar, Diego Suarez and Tahiti.

In 1963 he decided to add the first three letters of his father’s first name to the family name, thus creating the brand JOSMEYER.

Heavily involved in every area of the profession and local affairs, he held a number of presidential posts.

He died in 2005.

In 1966 his eldest son, Jean took over the running of the family business. In charge of the wine making and the export markets, he brought modernity to many aspects of the Company as well as adding creativity in his use, from 1987, of works by contemporary artists for the labels – thus was born the « Artists » series. He decided in 2000 to switch the production of the whole domaine to organic and bio-dynamic culture.

A wine-maker par excellence and a wine « poet » he lifted the domaine JOSMEYER into the elite of the Alsace Wines.

Great man of Alsatian viticulture, he died the third of January 2016.

The youngest of the family, Celine, after studying art and literature joined the team in 2004. She is responsible for the administration of the Company and for Public Relations. Since September 2010, she is the CEO of JOSMEYER.

Holder of diplomas in viticulture and oenology, Isabelle, daughter of Jean joined the family business in 1994 to support her father in the cellars and on the home market, particularly that of restauration. A member of the Board, she is responsible for the vinification and blending of the cuvees.